Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tuck Rib Scarves

I knit scarves using the tuck rib technique from my Ribber Book. All scarves were knit 450 rows long not counting the cast on rows. I knit 8 scarves using stitch world patterns 261, 275, and 253.

I used 3/15 Acrylic Marl yarns one strand tensions either 5/5 and 6/6. I cast on 20 stitches each side of the 0.  Pattern 261. Finished Measurements 7 inches wide and 48 inches long.(first picture red, orange, burgundy marl).

I also tried 15 stitches each side of the 0 with the 3/15 Acrylic Marl Yarn. Finished Measurements 5.5 inches wide and 49 inches long. Pattern 261. (2nd picture gray,gray, black marl).

 I knit 2/15 orange, orange marl casting on 17-0-17 stitches tension 4/3.2 Pattern 275. Knit 450 rows. Finished measurements 5.5 inches wide and 49 inches long. (3rd picture).

I knit 2/15 green/dark green acrylic Marl one strand tension 4/4. I cast-on 30-0-30 stitches which made a wide scarf. Pattern 275. Finished measurements 10 inches wide and 46 inches in length.(4th picture).

I knitted with 2/17 Acrylic "Team" one strand tension 5/5 casting on 20-0-20 Finished measurement of scarves was 8 inches wide and 46 inch length. (red coral 2/17 "Team").

2/17 Acrylic one strand tension 5/5. I cast on 16-0-16 stitches knit 450 rows in Jazz purple pattern 261.
Finished measurements 5inches wide by 50 inches long.

All yarns are machine wash and dry. Purchased at Stephanie's Studio & Yarn.

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