Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Knitted Infant Cotton Lace Skirt with Lining Pattern

Infant Cotton Lace Skirt with Lining

Pictures of Lace Infant Skirt with Lining. My daughter loves to dress her baby in these cute skirts. I designed this easy lace skirt just for her and you. Easy to knit and just add lining.

 Yarn: 6/2 Cotton Baby Pin k

Knit 1 strand Tension  6
Size: 12 months to 3 Toddler.
Finished Measurements:
Waist 19”-20”
Lace Skirt 8” (not including waist band).
Skirt Lining 9 1/2”

Cast on 95-0-94 Stitches with Ribber Tension 0.
Rib 1x1 rib 8 rows tension 5.
Transfer ribber stitches to main bed. Chang e Tension to 6.
Set up extension rails on Brother machine.
Knit 2 Rows.
Brother machine Carriage on right. Program Lace Pattern #106 from Stitch World Book.
Silver Reed Machines You have a Lace Carriage set up desired lace pattern.
Knit 75 rows lace
(Brother machine this doesn’t include all those rows of transferring stitches with the lace transfer carriage only the knit rows.)
Tension 6
Knit 20 Rows.
Bind off.
Seam together.
Cut lining same width as skirt.
Cut longer than skirt so lining will hang out at the bottom. I cut the lining for 12-24 months 12” long.
Seam together.
If you have a serger, then serge the top and the bottom of the lining to prevent fraying.
Sew top of lining to waist band.
Fold Waist band over 1” to hem. Sew down  waist band, leaving a small 1” opening for elastic to fit through.
Insert Elastic in waist band. Waist measurement I used 3/4”  Elastic about 19”-20” long.
Sew Elastic ends together.
Close opening, sew down.
Hem lining.

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