Sunday, July 26, 2009

3/15 Hi Bulk Acrylic Yarns

New! 3/15 Acrylic Yarns in Stock at Stephanie's Studio & Yarn.
The yarns are beautiful Marls 3 ply 15 weight means 3 strands of different colors are twisted together to make the 3 ply 15's.

The yarn knits up in a beautiful all around heather or tweed look, it does not leave a funky pattern as it knits. The yarn is soft and machine Washable and Dry able.

I am knitting a scooped neck vest in the Rust 3/15 it has turned out very nice.I will publish the pattern in our newsletter. Stephanie's Mail-order Yarn Newsletter this fall.

I believe socks would look great knitted in this yarn. Also I am planning on knitting a cardigan, a sleeveless turtle neck sweater, an afghan, possibly a skirt. A jacket or coat would turn out nice in this yarn.

It knits nice on the garter carriage if you have one at tension 8 using one strand. I knit the vest tension 8 using 1 strand and the stitch gauge was 7 stitches and 9.5 rows per inch.

You can send for color cards there are 4 cards of the 3/15-2/15 Acrylic Yarns at $2.00 each card on our web site or join our yarn club for $14.95 a year and receive all our yarn samples on cone yarns we have in stock. Our web site is

The pictures are the 3/15's knitted in stockinette and garter stitch. The color cards do not show up very good on line, like the green is not green on the monitor on one of the cards.