Monday, March 28, 2011

Craft Items, Knitting and Sewing Patterns

I just listed craft items at my Etsy shop. Patterns for dolls, doll hair,
crochet patterns, cone yarns,clothes pin dolls, eyes, mouths, noses, knitting
patterns hand knitting and machine knitting, doll faces, knitted items and more.

Listing more every day.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hand Knitting and Crafts

Pingouin Layette N32 is a hand knitting book with 60 designs from 3 to 18 month old. Beautiful  Jacquards, knitting stockinette, and fair-isle and even some crochet. Darling pants and shorts with a multitude of sweaters and tops. But there is much more, including baby sleepers and coats. There are even bed jackets for mom. Knit fantastic baby blankets and room items to match. 107 pages, soft cover. See some of the patterns inside the book. We ship USPS we accept Paypal. Stephanie’s Studio & Yarn $5.00

How To Needlepoint Book, Volume 1
Introduction to Needlepoint
About “How to Needlepoint”
Tools of the Trade
Rules of the Trade
The Care and finishing of Needlepoint
Glossary of Common Needlepoint Terms
Soft Cover 33 pages. $11.50.  We ship USPS we accept Paypal. Stephanie’s Studio & Yarn 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Knitted Scarves with Ribbon Fringe

Knitted Scarves with Ribbon And multicolor nubs fringe. Scarf is a knitted tuck stitch double knit about 2 1/2" wide to 3 1/4" wide and the length varies45" to 50" long.  Ribbon Fringe has a multicolor strand of nubs twisted into the ribbon. Scarf can be wore draped down the front of your garment or wrapped around the neck. Very Fashionable. I now have the scarves for sale at Etsy. Stephanies Yarns. For yarn purchases see our web site;