Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweaters knit out of 2/17 Acrylic Team Yarn

Sweaters knit using 1 strand 2/17 Acrylic Yarn. the name for the 2/17 yarn is "Team."
Pattern is available when joining Stephanie's Mail-Order Yarn Club.
We have a large variety of this weight yarn. Can be knit using 1 or 2 strands Tension 6-7.
Knitting with 2 strands is the same as knitting with 3 strands of the 2/24 or 1/12 yarns, which makes a nice sport weight yarn tension 9-10, can be used with a garter carriage also.
One strand is recommended for the Passap or any double bed knitting or with use of a ribber tension 4/4 or5/5. Yarn can be purchased at our web site.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2/17 Acrylic MK Socks

 2/17 Acrylic Yarn Knit 2 strands tension 9. Machine Knit socks.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Machine Knitting Socks

The technique I use is first I knit ribbing the length wanted.

I then divide the sock in 1/2.

 I am going to short row or partial knit the heel shape:

Opposite side of the carriage I pull needles out to non work position and set carriage on non knit position. Then I Knit one row over the needles in knit position.

 Opposite side of the carriage I pull out 1 needle to non work position.
Knit across one row.

I place my yarn under the needle pulled out to non work position so we don't have a hole. (when knitting back it will loop over that end needle).

Then opposite side of the carriage pull out one needle to non work position.

 Knit one row and wrap yarn under that needle and over top the other needles so the yarn will loop around that partial knit needle but not interfere with the other needles.

 Pull out one needle opposite side of the carriage to non work position and knit 1 row.
Continue till one third of the needles are left in the center.

Reverse the process, Opposite side of the carriage push one needle back to work position (it is the needle that you last pulled out for short rowing or parcel knitting on the opposite side of the carriage) repeat till all the partial knit or short row needles are back into work .

1111x....1111 (carriage here) x is the needle to be pushed back ...'s are the center needles.

Once all short rowed needles are back into work position set carriage to knit all needles (or push the 1/12 of needles in non work position back to work).

We are finished with the heel and ready to knit the length of the sock before the toe shaping.
Knit length (subtract the length that the heel added and what the toe will add) and then short row or partial toe same as the heel.

Take 1/12 off on double pointed needle, take the other 1/2 off on double pointed needle.
Kirchner stitch toe together, seam the side of the sock.

Reverse the shaping for the other sock so the seams can be worn to the inside of your legs.