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Stephanie’s MITTENS ©

YARN: 2 strands Team 2/17 or 2/15 Acrylic or 3 strands 2/24 or 1/12 yarn. Sold by Stephanies Studio & Yarn
Finished Measurements:  6”, 6 1/2”, 7”, 7 1/2,” 8” width at wrist & palm)

Gauge: 8 stitches 8 rows per inch

Tension 9.2 - 10.

Ribbing Tension 7

Cast-on 52, 54, 58, 62, 66 stitches.

Rib 20 rows at tension 7/7

Transfer stitches to main bed. Knit 1 row. Set up machine for Fair-isle #33 Stitch World.

Knit  18, 22, 25, 25,25 rows.

Push a ravel cord 7,8,9 , 10, 13 stitches on the end opposite side of the carriage.

Knit 18, 22, 26, 30, 34 rows.

Set carriage on hold position.

Divide the needles in 1/2. If you are working in the center of the machine then all needles from 0 (center) over to 26, 27, 29, 31,33.

Pull out to non-work 1/2 of the needles to hold position. Set carriage on hold position.

 Decrease by pulling out to non-work position 2 needles opposite side of the carriage.

Knit 1 row, wrap yarn under needle and over remaining needles to prevent hole.

 Pull out to non-work 2 needles opposite side of the carriage.

Knit 1 row. Remember to wrap needle to prevent hole. Till 9, 11, 11, 11, 11 remain in center

 Continue 3,3,4 more times each side.

Increase by pushing back to work position 2 needles opposite side of the carriage repeating on each side like you did for increasing only now you are decreasing till all needles are back into work position where you have been knitting.

You still have 1/2 of the needles in hold position.

Take off the hold setting.

Knit 1 row across all needles.

We are going to take the stitches off the machine, but only 1/2 of the stitches at a time.

Take off 0- 26, 27, 29, 31, 33 on knitting needles double pointed size 1 or scrap off.

If you plan on scraping off 1/2 the stitches,  then you have to put 1/2  back into hold position and scrap off .


Knitting needle take off 1/2 then take off the other 1/2 on another knitting needle.


Pull out ravel cord, place the open stitches (top and bottom plus pick up one stitch a cross over when going from the bottom stitches to the top stitches to prevent a hole) on machine needles  (16, 18, 20, 24, 28).

 Watch for a funny stitch at the end and in the center.

Knit 14,  16, 18, 22, 24 rows at tension 10.

End with carriage on the right.

Cut yarn leaving a tail, thread needle and take stitches off onto needle and then to the yarn and gather, draw tight ,tack, seam down thumb. Stop

Kitchner stitch the front and back pieces together or put up on machine front right side backing and back with wrong side facing on top of the same needles.  (26,27,29 , 31, 33needles.)

 Knit across 1 row and back stitch bind off. Seam mitten starting at the ribbing and seam together. If corners stick out seam in at points.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Trellis & Vines w 940 Disk Garter Carriage
Designed by Betsy Gettys $15.00
includes free mailing.

 Factory Fashions
Designer Pants & Jumpsuits Volume I
Classic Lines Regular $24.00 on Sale
includes free mailing
Plaid Sweaters by Kittens
Plaid sweaters includes disk
$10.00 Includes free mailing costs

The Design Collection Bear Designs VI
Bear Designs by Charlene Shafer disk 940 or 965i
$12.00 includes free mailing costs
Tapestry Jackets 940 disk
Tapestry Jackets designed by Pat Wilson
940 disk
15.00 includes free mailing costs

Children’s Leggings by Econo-Craft
Children Sizes 4-10
$8.00 includes free shipping
Harrietons Knits Just For Kids
Knits just for Kids $8.00 includes mailing costs
Painted Desert A Southwestern Motif
Pained Desert Motif for 3 color Mini Handbag
940 disk included
Designed by Pat Wilson
$10.00 includes free shipping
Family Affair Beginners Sweaters
Dropped Shoulder Sweaters For the family
sizes 6 mo. To XL Adult
Designed by Marts Country Knitting Basket
$8.00 includes shipping

 Kwick Knit Pop Ons VI
Women sizes XS to XL
Patterns include Tunic, Dress, Sweater, Cropped Top and TurtleNeck.
$10.00 includes shipping

 Sandee’s Kwick Knits Woven Coat
Woven Classic Coats in Short or Long Length
 Sizes Small to XXLarge
Book 33 Designed by Sandee Cherry
$12.00 Free  Shipping

 Sandee’s Kwick Knits Book 13
Childrens Easy Mix & Match Coordinates
Sizes 2-6   Designed by Sandy Cherry
$15.00 includes shipping cost 

Sandee’s Kwick Knits Cardigans For The Family Book 7
Drop shoulder Cardigans for the Family
Cardigans include Crewneck , Hooded and V-Neck
Sizes: Children 0-14; Womens 32-50; Mens 34-50
$15.00 includes shipping

 Sandee’s Kwick Knits Bulky Cardigans  For The Family Book 9
Bulky drop shoulder Cardigans for the Family
Cardigans include Crewneck , Hooded and V-Neck
Sizes: Children 0-14; Women’s 32-50; Men’s 34-50
$15.00 includes shipping
Timely Treasures For All Machines
Jar Covers includes Bunny, Pumpkin, Santa
Putter Mitts, Bottle Socks, Animal Finger Puppets, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Stockings
$15.00 includes shipping

 Four To The Max Bulky Coats
Bulky Coats in 2 sizes; finished measurements 51 & 55
4 Different Cardigan like coats knit on the bulky machine
Designed by Knitech Inc. $10.95 includes free shipping

 Kidoodles Bulky Cardigan Collection
The Knitting Bug Band
Easy Professional Cardigan with good instructions on how to knit a Band and Buttonholes.
Sizes: Children 2-14; Adults small to large
Designed by Sandra Dominak
$8.00 includes free shipping

Punch Card Stitch Patterns
304 Different Designs for the punch card machines for 24 stitch repeats. Can be adapted for all machines. Fair Isle, Motifs, Lace, Punch Lace, Tuck, Slip, Weave, Intarsia, Plating.
Designed for the Silver Reed, Singer, Studio Japanese machines but can be adapted to all machines with the exception of the lace designs.
$15.00 includes shipping 

Basic Patterns For Machine Knitting
Round and V neck Cardigans & Sweaters with Insert Sleeve Sweaters & Cardigans
Childrens to Adult size 20” to 50”
Fair Isle Collection for the punch card and electronic Book 9
A Mellons Munro Publication
$12.00 includes shipping 

Adventure with Color Vol 1
Designed by Helen Griffiths Engusa Designs
Stitch Patters for 3 & 4 Color Jacquard Knitting
Cut and Sew Jacket Pattern included
Disk 930 DAK
$12.00 includes shipping 

Animal Spots Disk 930
Tiger 2 color fair-isle or 3 color Jacquard.
Leopard Spots 3-4 Colors and Tropical Aquarium, plus various small fish
Designed by Ruth Hagan Designs. 930 Disk Format
$8.00 includes shipping 

Sandee’s Kwick Knits Cardigans For The Family Book 9
Bulky drop shoulder Cardigans for the Family
Cardigans include Crewneck , Hooded and V-Neck
Sizes: Children 0-14; Womens 32-50; Mens 34-50
$15.00 includes shipping 

Electronic 24-60 Stitch Patterns  58 Designs
Can be adapted to other machines besides the Mylar sheets for the studio, Singer, Silver Reed Machines.  Section on N-1 Cams and Point Cams
Designs include Fair-Isle, Lace, slip, Tuck, Punch Lace. Weaving, Intarsia
$20.00 includes shipping 

New Electronic Pattern Book
Patterns are from 24 stitches to 60 stitches written for the Silver Reed, Singer, Studio machines Mylar sheets but can be adapted for use in other machines.
Patterns include Fair-Isle, Slip, Tuck, Weaving, Lace, Fashion Lace and punch lace.   There is a section for the 580 machine and the 580 with PE1
Reg. $56.00 Sale $25.00 includes shipping 

Crib Quilts Garter Carriage 930 Disk
Musical Crib Quilts designed by Cheryl Jiles include the dancing elephant, fawn, teddy bear, baseball player, clown, things & Blocks and a pocket for a music button.
Disk 930 mode can be used on the 930 or 940 format for the disk drive on the Brother or KnitKing machines.
Regular $26.50 Sale $15.00 includes shipping

Stephanie Widmann These Books and Paterns are available at:
Stephanies Studio & Yarn TN





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