Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2/17 Acrylic Yarn on Cones

We have a lot of beautiful colors in 2/17 Acrylic "TEAM" yarn now available. Here are a few colors for you to look at: Fuchsia, Bright Cranberry, Aqua Teal, Butterscotch.

Most cones have 3 lbs + except the fuchsia 4 lbs.+ The 2/17 Acrylic Yarn is priced at $6.98 a lb.

except Bleach White, Black, Raiders Silver, Hunter Green, and Navy it is called so-soft 2/17 yarn and is priced at $8.98 a lb.

yarn can be purchased at our web site is Stephanie's Studio & Yarn we have been selling yarn for over 25 years.