Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New 2/24 and 1/12 Hi bulk Acrylic Yarns

We have a large selection of 2/24 and 1/12 Hi bulk Acrylic yarns in stock.
The yardage for these weights are 4800-5000 yards per lb.
Both yarns are the same yardage and knit up the same.
I use 2 strands at tension 7 on the standard 4.5mm knitting machine.
The yarn will also knit at tension 4/4 or 5/5 using a double bed machine (ribber) or Passap machine.
Pictured is a blue heather, the blue reminds me of blue jeans it is a very pretty color.

These yarns cost only $3.98 a lb. and we also have bulk price of 30 lbs. for $3.00 a lb. plus shipping handling.
We ship UPS in the United States and Canada.
We accept phone orders with visa, Mastercard or discover cards.
On line we accept Paypal for payment. To see some of the yarns in stock go to our web site or ebaystore. http://www.sumi-soft.com/yarn/

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