Friday, February 19, 2010


Machine Knitting bobbles can be fun and add a new look to your hats, sweaters and more.
First I removed 4 stitches off the knitting machine needles leaving a center stitch on the machine. I mean that I am removing 2 each side of the center needles onto a double-pointed needle. Leave center stitch on machine
I manually knit one stitch (center stitch)with a contrast color
I then e-wrapped one needle on each side of the center. contrast color
I manually knit 3 stitches. contrast color
I e-wrapped one needle each side, manually knit 5 stitches. contrast color
I decreased 1 stitch each side and knit one row,contrast color
repeated down to one stitch contrast color.
I then put up the 4 stitches that I removed of the main color and continued to knit.

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