Saturday, July 31, 2010

Knitting with Olive Marl 1/12 Acrylic in Fair-Isle and Jacquard

Knitted swatches in Olive Marl 1/12 acrylic 2 strands with the contrast in 2/17 Team Acrylic Yarn  one strand purchased from Stephanie's Studio and Yarn. In Jacquard I knitted at tension 5/5 and 6/6. In the Fair-Isle I knitted at tension 7. Picture one the contrast color is Team Gold 2/17 Acrylic. Picture 3 is knitted with Oxford Team 2/17 Acrylic as the contrast, I also knitted Sky Blue as a contrast which also turned out quite stunning.
 I love the look of the Olive Marl yarn knitted in the background, it would also look great as the contrast color in trees, grass and foliage. I also knitted a 2/15 acrylic gray and white marl  one strand with the olive marl which I liked very much seen in picture two. Super Orange was knitted as a contrast color, in picture 4 while sun yellow was knitted as a contrast in picture 5 and 6. Rust 2/17 Team acrylic in 7 and teal which is darker than shown as a contrast. The last picture is Red Coral knitted as a contrast. All these were knitted with the Olive Marl 1/12 acrylic 2 strands. Our yarns can be purchased at our web site, Stephanies Studio and Yarn you can email us at

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