Sunday, August 26, 2012

Uniquely Yours booklets with disks

Uniquely Yours has great graphic disks for your Brother or KnitKing Disk drive. They are in 940 format. Booklet with disk included $10.00. Each of these numbers represents a booklet and disk for $10.00 each set.

1.      A Splash of Spring with disk
2.      Farmer Ted (Teddy Bear in Overhalls) with disk
3.      Paper Dolls with disk
4.      Batter Up with disk

5.      Up, Up and Away (Hot Air Balloons) with disk

6.      Ted E. Bear with disk
7.      Village Square with disk
8.      All Across America with disk
9.      Team Spirit ( Soccer, Football, Basketball and Baseball) with disk

 10.  Just Sew with disk
 11.  Nautical Traditions with disk
12.  Let It Snow (Trees and Snowmen) with disk
13.  Football Fever with disk
22. Christmas Collection with disk $10.00
 23. Trick or Treat booklet with disk $10.00
 24. A Haunted Halloween booklet with disk $10.00
 25. The First Thanksgiving booklet with disk $10.00
 26. Autumn Harvest booklet with disk $10.00 
27. Winter Wonderland booklet with disk $10.00
28. A Santa Collection booklet with disk $10.00
29. A Touch of Christmas booklet with disk $10.00 
30. Trim The Tree booklet with disk $10.00 
 31. All Across America booklet with disk $10.00 
 32. Old World Santa’s booklet with disk $10.00  
 Stephanies Studio & Yarn
Stephanie Widmann
1637 Appian RD
Bybee, TN 37713

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