Friday, December 17, 2010

Knitted Fingerless Glove

I have been knitting fingerless gloves. First I made plain stockinette stitch with a knit in thumb in a dark navy blue 2/24 acrylic yarn knit 2 strands. I purchased some sequined ribbon which I added for an accent.

  The second pair of fingerless gloves were a black novelty yarn, knit a using my lace carriage on the 965i Knitting machine with a knit in thumb. I accented the gloves with pearls.

The third fingerless gloves are a Victorian style vintage glove that are laced up in the front. I knit the top and bottom in dark navy blue and the body of the fingerless gloves in Kelly green 2/20 acrylic from our web site. I had to re-figure where to put the thumb in this pair as there was not a side seam it was actually the opening down the front of the gloves.
The fourth pair of fingerless gloves have a knit in bracelet using chainette silver yarn and accented with beads.

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