Monday, February 21, 2011

Stephanie's Mail-Order Newsletter

Stephanie's Mail-order Newsletter was mailed Saturday. Contents are:  (1) Fingerless gloves with Faux bracelet
(2) Vintage Style Laced up Fingerless Gloves  (3) Knitted Lace Fingerless Gloves with Pearls (4) Fingerless Gloves with Sequins  (5) Deb's Legwarmers  (6) Vintage Style Hat with Flower (2 different gauges -yarns) and (7) Debs Passap Tuck Stitch Vest.
To receive the newsletter you can join Stephanies Mail-order Club. at our web site for only $14.98 a year USA.
for those that would like the newsletter sent in PDF file we can send in USA and Internationally.
Stephanies Studio & Yarn

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